Summer Platter

Start a summer barbeque with this fresh and flavoursome platter
Cooking Time: n/a Makes: n/a


Always Fresh Three Seed Grissini • Lebanese cucumber, sliced • Mixed cherry tomatoes • Avocado, thickly sliced • Almonds • Chunky roasted red pepper dip • Tzatziki dip • Fresh mint  


Arrange sliced cucumber and almonds onto a long rectangular platter.

Decant the tzatziki dip into a small bowl and sit on top of the platter. Garnish the dip with fresh mint leaves.

Scatter some of the cherry tomatoes onto the platter.  Slice some of the tomatoes and leave others whole to add interest to the plate.

Arrange the avocado onto the platter, leaving a gap in which to fill with the chunky red pepper dip.

Loosely arrange the grissini breadsticks on the edges of the platter.


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