Classic Antipasto Platter

A classic antipasto platter perfect for entertaining!
Makes: 4 to 6 Serves



Place a heavy based pan over a medium heat, add slices of sour dough and dry fry for 4 mins then add a splash of oil from the anchovies, reserving the flesh for pizza or similar later, season and fry till crispy. Allow to cool then place on your large serving board.

Roll prosciutto into lovely shapes and place on board with muscatels, walnuts and almonds.

In separate bowls place your kalamata and green olives on the board, then scatter cornichons around bowls on the board also.

Place your peppers, olives and feta, and sundried tomatoes in bowls onto the board arranged nicely.

Finish by adding the Crispini, Crustini, fresh toasts and Grissini, then your gorgeous block of cheese.

Sprinkle your fresh rosemary sprigs around and serve to your throng of adoring guests.

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