Always Fresh Recipes

We are very proud of our wonderful recipe collection, guaranteed to inspire and excite even the fussiest of foodies. All our simple and sumptuous recipes have been twice tested and are presented with our signature pared back styling. Food, glorious food!



An à la carte menu originates from France and translates as "according to the board".


  • Tempting Antipasto

    Dips ~ Canapes ~ Appetisers

    Tempting Antipasto

    Delight your guests with our collection of both formal and informal party starters.

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  • Entertaining Platters

    Antipasto ~ Mezze ~ Cheese

    Entertaining Platters

    Simple has never looked so stylish with our assortment of platters ideal for any occasion.

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  • Savoury Pastries

    Tarts ~ Quiches ~ Pies

    Savoury Pastries

    Put the oven on and impress your guests with these simple yet sumptuous savoury delights.

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  • Café Style Lunch

    Foccacias ~ Soups ~ Muffins

    Café Style Lunch

    Check out our menu of cafe inspired favourites, perfect for entertaining or as a tasty lunchbox filler.

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  • Light Meal & Brunch

    Savoury ~ Sweet ~ Stylish

    Light Meal & Brunch

    Create one of these simple yet wonderful dishes using quality pantry staples and fresh ingredients.

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  • Pizza & Pasta

    Classic ~ Italian ~ Gourmet

    Pizza & Pasta

    The true flavours of Italy shine through in these mouth-watering pizzas and pastas. Deliciouso!

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  • Delicious Mains

    Chicken ~ Beef ~ Lamb

    Delicious Mains

    Be it a causal get together or formal dinner party, these dishes are sure to impress guests.  

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  • Seasonal Salads

    Fresh ~ Classic ~ Fast

    Seasonal Salads

    Team salad greens with seasonal vegetables and pantry staples with these fuss-free classics.

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  • "A splash of our Spanish olive oil is the first step in creating a winning dish"