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Decoding Dress Codes


Decoding Dress Codes

Choosing what to wear to a party is made all the more difficult with the added confusion of understanding dress codes. We’ve decoded each of these dress codes so you can look the part for any event!

dressWhite Tie - White Tie event is the most formal type of dress. This attire is strictly regulated and requires men to dress in a black tailcoat with matching trousers, white vest, white shirt and white bow tie. Women attending White Tie events are to wear formal, long, gowns. As evening dress, White Tie dressing is only worn after dark. Now an uncommon form of dressing, White Tie has been replaced by Black Tie as standard evening dress.

Black Tie - All about formal attire for evening events. Men are to wear tuxedos typically black in colour. Women wear long dresses or very dressy cocktail dresses to Black Tie events.

Formal - Formal dress is usually the same as Black Tie attire.

Semi Formal - Not as formal as Black Tie attire, men can ditch the tux and dress in dark coloured suits. Women can opt for short afternoon or cocktail dresses, dressy separates or a little black dress.

Cocktail Dress - Like Semi Formal dress, men can wear dark suits whilst women can choose short, elegant dresses, little black dresses or dressy separates.

Lounge Suit - Lounge Suit attire is usually the same as Semi Formal meaning men typically wear a dark coloured suit with lighter coloured shirt and tie. Women can dress in cocktail dresses, dressy separates or a little black dress.

Informal - Whilst some may mistake Informal dressing as Casual, it is actually refers to the same style of dress as Semi Formal. Men can wear dark suits whilst women can wear short, cocktail dresses.

Smart Casual - Smart Casual dress is used to describe a more dressed up version of a casual look. Appropriate Smart Casual dress for men includes trousers, polo shirts, sportjackets, whilst for women this includes dresses and dressy separates (pants/tops/skirts). Generally speaking, jeans, shorts and t-shirts are not considered Smart Casual dress.

Casual - T-shirts, casual shirts and good jeans are all classed as Casual dress for men. For women casual attire includes sundresses, nice jeans, casual blouses and t-shirts.

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