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An à la carte menu originates from France and translates as "according to the board".



Flavours of Morocco


Flavours of Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco's diverse culture is reflected in its cuisine. Spices are used extensively in Moroccan dishes for delicious, flavourful cooking with a zesty bite that is not too spicy. Experiment with a range of herbs and spices typically used in Morocco and bring the flavour and colour of Marrakech to your table!

moroccoKosher/Coarse Salt or Sea Salt

Coarse salt is used in the vast majority of Moroccan dishes. Coarse or Sea Salt has a larger grain size than regular table salt which is better used for sprinkling on top of cooked dishes.

Ground ginger is made from the ginger root and is pale yellow in colour. With a slight bite, this spice has a warm, woody and sweet aroma. Ginger is one of the components of a popular spice blend known as Ras El Hanout which is commonly used in Moroccan cuisine.

Black Pepper
Ground black pepper is derived from small, dried berries of the Piper Nigrum plant. Black Pepper that is freshly ground possesses a greater flavour and aroma so it is best to grind as you use it, rather than purchasing black pepper that is already ground.

White Pepper
White pepper is also derived from the same berries as black pepper, however the berries picked for white pepper are riper than those for black. White pepper is typically used in Moroccan sauces that have a sweeter flavour.

Ras El Hanout
Ras El Hanout is a blend of ground spices that is used in Moroccan cooking. Although recipes for this spice mix vary, the most common spices used are nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, anise, mace, cinnamon, peppers, and turmeric.

Sweet Paprika
Sweet Paprika is made from dried sweet red peppers. In Morocco, sweet paprika is used is a variety of dishes such as salads, bean dishes and soups, and is also used to season meat prior to cooking.

Hot Paprika
Hot Paprika also comes from dried peppers and is spicier than Sweet Paprika. Hot Paprika is used in some Moroccan cooking to add an element of heat to dishes.

Cumin is a pale green seed which comes from the parsley family. Cumin has a distinctive, slightly bitter flavour and is used in Moroccan cooking for grilled and roasted meats, to season eggs, and in many tajine dishes.

Both ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks are featured in Moroccan cooking to add fragrance and sweetness to pastry and dessert dishes, and recipes that combine fruit with meat.