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An à la carte menu originates from France and translates as "according to the board".



Sweet Treats


Sweet Treats

Confections, cookies and coffee - Greece has it when it comes to sweets.


KOULOURIA– Breaded butter cookies with a light sugar glaze. Perfect with coffee.

BAKLAVA - Nut filled, paper thin layers of glazed phyllo sheets of pastry soaked in pure honey make this the king of pastry desserts. Every country in the Near East claims baklava is its own.

KOURABIEDES -Sugar covered crescent shaped cakes that melt in one's mouth. They are served at weddings, Christmas, and on special occasions, such as namedays and holidays.choc

DIPLES - Honey rolls so thin and flaky that they crumble when they are bitten. In Greece this delicacy is often cooked and sold at  fairs where arts and crafts from every region are displayed for sale.


GREEK STYLE - This is a thick, powdered coffee that is made in a brika, which is traditionally a small brass pot with a long handle. This is not instant coffee, and even though it is powdered, the coffee used does not dissolve. The grounds settle to the bottom of the cup.  When you order Greek coffee, you must specify plain, sweet or medium-sweet (sketo, glyko or metrio in Greek respectively).

FRAPPE– A foam covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee. The frappe became a hallmark of the post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture and continues to be very popular with young Greeks who spend hours and hours sitting and socialising in cafes.